Lambing update

For the first week of November our ewes were giving birth to their lambs at a nice steady pace with about three or four lambing per day. Once we got into the second and third week the pace started to quicken. One weekend around the midway point we saw our busiest period with over 40 ewes giving birth over a two day period. 

As the lambs were born they were brougt into individual pens with their mothers where they would spend the next 48 - 72 hours so that they could be closely monitored. Once we were sure that both mother and babies were doing fine they would be moved on to a nursery pen along with other ewes and lambs.Lambs are very sociable and love to mix and play with the other lambs. Once the lambs are a 2 weeks old and we can see a fewe clear days in a row, the ewes and lambs are turned out onto our overwinter cover crops where they will spend the next few months. The cover crops provide a lot of food and are rich in nutrients that will help the lambs get off to a go start.