Writtle's latest visit

Yesterday we had our first of what we hope to be an exciting programme of spring visits from Writtle College students. Anthony Slade from Syngenta very kindly came to talk to them about the importance of Fungicde programs and growth regulation of cereal crops. He also talked them through the complex process of getting new chemistry authorised and the technology and research involved to make it both safe and effective as possible.

We very proudly announced the winners of who completed the best projects that we set during their first visit in the autumn. 

1st Matthew Register

2nd Tom Smith 

3rd Henrietta Mcnally

Prizes will be given to the winners during their next visit.

Later in the morning we braved the wind and went for a crop walk with both Anthony and our Agronomist, we walked through a variety of crops and discussed what was going to be needed for each one over the coming months.