New season new students

As we start the process of planting our crops for a new season on the farm again, it is also the start of a new year for the Writtle college students that we have been hosting throughout the year for the last four years. This year we decided to bring the first visit forward a month, rather than just talking about how we do things after the event we thought it might be useful to show them how it all works in practice.

Thankfully the weather was perfect for them, we started the visit with one of our usual friendly competitions to put people at ease and make it fun and interactive. Identifying all of the crops and the seeds that we grow was todays comp, as always to make it a bit more competitive prizes were on offer, very kindly donated by some of the companies that we deal with who are always very supportive.

We then ventured out to see the drill, talk through how it functions and what we are trying to achieve and then see it all put into practice. Some of the first crops that we had planted were just starting to poke through the ground so we were able to look at those and discuss what may or may not be needed doing once the crops were up and away.