Autumn has arrived!

With the evenings starting to draw in and the cool misty mornings, autumn has well and truly arrived. As we head towards the last week in September we are now getting into our main planting season for the harvest 17 crop.

Over the last few years due to added pressures from weeds and pests, as well as market volatility, our rotation has been changing slightly. Although Cereals are the backbone of our rotation, we also need break crops to help control weeds, pests and diseases. This year will see the addition of two new break crops, Oats and Linseed. Although Oats are still a cereal crop they are an all important Take-all break which is a root disease that can affect our other cereal crops wheat and barley. The oats arte a milling variety and will be used to make breakfast cereals whilst the Linseed, like the rape that we grow will be processed to get the oils. Besides the oats and linseed, we have also decided to include a small area of sugar beet. Although we have grown this in the past, it has not featured in our rotation for the last two years.

Crops grown for Harvest 17:

Milling Wheat, Feed Wheat, Malting Barley, Feed Barley, Oil Seed Rape, Oats, Beans, Sugar Beet, Grass (2 year leys), Linseed.